Nicki Minaj-The Cipher Lyrics

The Cipher Lyrics by Nicki Minaj
Album:Barbie World(2010)

Lyrics To The Cipher Minaj With Audio

Call Me Darcula cause all i do is count chips
ya money minnie I aint talkin bout the mouse trick
These girls runnin like i jus threw da bouquet
They know I'm Headed to the top lik a 2pay

Now all the bums be wonderin where I beez at
If you aint a BARBIE its none of ya freakin beezwax!
These little rappers I could see dem in my dash cam
I know they grouchy like oscar up out the trash can

Im on stage you can sit the crowd
I be up in leer jets make a left at the cloud (Ha-Ha)
I Think she need the helomlic she the chockin kind
She gets no burn no smokin sign (CHA)
Metaphor heaven
So they approve Nicki like my credit score seven
Mac'n'cheese six fry chicken da guts
And Im killin dese bxtchez mike vickin it UP!!
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