LifeHouse-Crash And Burn Lyrics

Crash And Burn Lyrics By LifeHouse
Album:Smoke And Mirrors (2010)

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All these nights are catching up to me
I just can't put insomnia to sleep
I close my eyes but all that I can see
Is someone who I'm never gonna be

Could you remind me to forget?
The things I did the things I said
I hope that you can bring me back
I gotta make it right

And if I fall and crash and burn
At least we both know that I tried
As I crawl that lessons learned
It reminds me I'll survive
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Silence just keeps screaming back at me
The ones I love are lost in memories
And I wish that I could take back what was done
You can only change the person you've become

I've been broken I've been low
I've been hurt but I'll move on
I have to try and find a way
To leave it all behind


I've been hurt and I've been scarred
At least I know that I'm alive
And If I fall and crash and burn
At least we both know that I tried

All of the things that I tried say
All of the words just got in the way
I'm waiting here, I need your help
Don't leave me down here, all by myself


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