Nicki Minaj-Getting Paid Lyrics

Getting Paid Lyrics by Nicki Minaj Featuring Gucci Mane and Rocko
Album:Barbie World(2010)

Lyrics To Getting Paid by Nicki Minaj With Audio

It's going down, down Barbie
Pushing a pink Ferrari
I breeze through Africa
Just to see the safari
I am the baddest bi*tch
In America
Slicker than a jerri curl
Just as Erica
The black Sarah Jessicaaaaa
Don't be text messaging me
I never check my messages
Only thing you could ask me
Is how I want my sandwiches
I want more cheese
Lots and lots of cheese
And when I'm on the stage
I'm with SB's
And when you see my luggage
It says LV
And when I'm on the plane
It's so empty
Hmmm. That's why all those female rappers envy
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