Nicki Minaj-Knockout Lyrics

Knockout Lyrics by Nicki Minaj
Album:Barbie World(2010)

Lyrics To Knockout By Nicki Minaj With Audio

Aww fuck it give me that damn bucket
When I throw this pussy you better not start ducking
Ohh, yo, hit em with the blow.
Look out n the crowd and everybody's yelling noo!
Grab em by his locks and give him some good boxer head
Not below the belt I wanna give em good top. top. top.
Give em good top head not below the belt I wanna give him good top!
One, two three, they yelling one, two three
I den hit em with the motherfucking court two piece tell em.
Tell em to mop out too late to tap out
Give em more head then tupays with the knockout.
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